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We all get financial reports from our financial advisor or stockbroker, why not receive a report on our biggest asset? Stay up to date on the current market and your home and neighbourhood's worth with our annual report.

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Once you provide your property address, we'll get to work preparing your annual report and you can expect your physical copy in the mail within a few days.

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Know your home’s potential worth.

Your home might be worth more than you think.

Up-to-date insights on your home through our Home Price Estimator™, sent to you annually.

• Know when homes in your neighbourhood have sold and what for.

Predict how much your home could potentially sell for in today's market and in the future.



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Gain a better understanding of how to time the market and maximize your home’s sale price using our Home Price Forecaster™.

Know what your home could sell for, now and in the future.

Keep updated with average sale prices as they change from year to year, learn about your city's real estate status, and more.

Receive up-to-date market analysis on your city, every single year.

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Understand your local market by receiving hand-selected comparables of homes that have sold in your area over the past six months.

Stay current on what has been selling in your area.

Predict the future of the real estate market with our state-of-the-art system for assessing your home's future value.

Access to our ground breaking Home Price Forecaster™ system.

Predict the future with our secret weapon.

Designed exclusively for Sutton Group Complete Realty Inc., our Home Price Forecaster™ is able to take the traditional data provided by Realtors and make predictions of future home prices and time the market accordingly.

Find your home's worth now.



“It took us a long time to find a house we wanted. Tyler showed us many many houses. He was gracious and wonderful to work with throughout the entire process. We would definitely recommend Tyler Thorne to anyone looking for a realtor.”

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“After going to see multiple houses we decided to build new out of town. We relied upon Tyler’s expertise to navigate the process and it proved to be a great choice. Even after moving in, Tyler made sure things were how we wanted them and we couldn’t be happier with the service we received from him. Tyler was friendly, honest, and always had our best interest in mind. Thanks for all of your time and patience with us.”

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After a disappointing experience with our first realtor, we were recommended to Tyler who not only helped us find the perfect house for our family, but was able to negotiate a significant discount on the asking price. He is also a darn good person who wants to help anyway he can and has supplied us with several contacts over the years including cleaning services, plumbers, electricians, etc. If I could rate him higher than five stars, I would. He's in his own category. Hope to use him again someday.

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